This season, it’s the smaller details that count the most

This season, it’s the smaller details that count the most

After what feels like a long, arduous winter (that is, of course, for those in the northern hemisphere), we can say with several degrees of certainty that spring has sprung and summer is within reaching distance. Gone are the burly coats, cashmere knits, and dimmed facial expressions paired with shrugged shoulders. And, by the time you’re reading this, gone are too the seas of spirit-lifting daffodils, harkening the summer months are well and truly en route.

That said, from a style perspective, the autumn and winter seasons have always been the most interesting, though, as they give one the opportunity to get creative and be expressive. Coats are often dramatic and made from rich fabrics pleasing to the eye and touch. One can experiment with layering in unique ways, culminating in looks that are multi-dimensional and practical.

Unfortunately, during spring and summer, that’s not so much of a possibility. This is because we invariably wear less clothing as it is much warmer. So how can you express yourself stylistically when you have less to work with, as jeans and a T-shirt are hardly a ground-breaking combination? The answer is through accessories – simple, elegant accessories that cause intrigue and speak to high taste levels.

Options are aplenty when it comes to adding touches here and there to your look. Some of the obvious ones include baseball caps, which in recent seasons have received plenty of attention, particularly ones that reference niche clubs and sporting pursuits. Elsewhere, jewellery comes into the foreground much more. Simple chains and rings will create interest, but not as much as sunglasses due to their facial prominence. Not only that, but you instantly feel and look cooler wearing them. To take sunglasses one step further, investing in a sunglasses case that’s not from the eyewear brand, such as this one, will be of interest to those that see it.

Naturally, we’ve always believed that the merits of a thoroughly well-made full-grain leather belt are a surefire way of elevating a look, especially in summer. They cut through the mid-section of the body, naturally drawing one’s eye to that area, and when designed in an emphatically timeless way, it’s noticeable. 

Simple and elegant options like Camber and Foster (both available in either pitch black or walnut brown) will harness a smart and refined look; they’re particularly useful at smartening up the fail-proof jeans and a T-shirt look or with tailored trousers worn with a vest and camp collar shirt for a mid-century look. On the contrary, for a more contemporary look, the Original belt, with its sizeable yet smooth buckle, adds boldness and a more modern look to your outfit. This can be taken one step further if you choose an Awling belt that will provide a pop of colour. We’ve always loved the combination of tan with vintage denim, but Oxblood is also very charming.

It helps to also consider the hardware (the buckles) of your belt as an extension of the jewellery department, and when looking at the Modernist range, that becomes evident. With the largest buckles in the entire range, the varying metals – such as nickel, copper and brass – and powder-coated buckles can provide a punchy pop and add another subtle dimension to your look this summer. 

All in all, it’s the smaller details in the summer season that have the largest impact. And while you may have your sunglasses armed and ready, the simple addition of an Awling belt – from the elegance of Camber and Foster to the unique Modernist – will help you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons.

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