Introducing Our FW21 Campaign

Introducing Our FW21 Campaign

It’s been a few months since our last Journal entry, and so what better way to make a return by announcing the launch of our FW21 collection alongside our best photography campaign to date? Before we get into it, though, we feel that it’s worth reminding you of a few things.


Here at Awling, we are resolutely committed to crafting products that are well-designed, emphatically useful and long lasting. We’ve always felt that belts were considered an afterthought in the men’s wardrobe, and so it’s great to now see men take greater interest in these simplistic utility items that have been around since the dawn of time (in one shape or another). Many of the go-to accessories that men were wearing in years gone by, such as ties, pocket squares and cufflinks, have become things of the past, and now belts are the natural successors for subtle adornment, personalisation and decoration.



This renowned interest is largely due to what’s happened in the last 18 months or so. One of the silver linings of Covid-19 is the profound impact it’s had on the way in which good design is viewed. Now, men (and women) are consciously thinking about the long game and whether a certain product will give them an attractive return, year on year. This is a wonderful thing, and it’s something that the luxury industry has been in desperate need of. Consumers want products that are going to last a lifetime and can be worn in multiple ways, and we’ve always felt that a well-made and simply-designed belt is about as versatile as you can get. 



Each and every Awling belt has been 100% handcrafted in England using materials and processes that ensure a lifetime of wear. We use supple top grain leathers sourced from Lo Stivale, the prestigious Tuscan tannery that’s a go-to supplier in the luxury world, and brass or pewter buckles that are forged in one of the oldest foundries in England. They’re both equally old-school, and that ancient approach to craft has many benefits, but none more so than the longevity of their creations. Finally, the main ingredients come together in a leather workshop, whereby our craftspeople use traditional processes to piece each belt together, including passing the thread over a wax block and finishing it with the tightest of knots.



This season’s collection welcomes a new style for us, the Pavilion, which is a modernised full buckle belt that has equestrian roots and a bold attitude. In many ways, it can be viewed as being our most statement-worthy style in the collection, and comes available in three different colourways; walnut brown leather with a copper plated buckle; russet brown leather with an antique finished brass buckle; and, pitch black leather with a shiny pewter plated buckle.



Another new development this season are the three new variations of our popular Modernist belt. Previously, we’ve offered them with powder coated finished buckles, which gave each belt a distinctly contemporary look, however, this season we’ve gone in favour of more traditional finishes. The new Modernist belts are available in; walnut brown leather with a copper plated buckle; russet brown leather with a brass buckle with an antiqued finish; and finally, pitch black leather with a nickel plated buckle.


Last but by no means least, we’ve also developed a new Original, our best-selling model, which has a combination of russet brown leather with an antique finished brass buckle.



To accompany these new creations, plus our old-favourites such as the Braided, Modernist Exposed and Original, we’ve produced a lookbook campaign that aims to demonstrate the multiple ways in which you can wear an Awling belt. Whether you prescribe to more casual attire – think retro sportswear and washed denim jeans – or a more elevated yet simple set of dress codes – such as luxurious suede worn tonally with soft flannel trousers from Savile Row – there’s an Awling belt for every occasion.


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