Awling buckles are cast and hand-finished at an artisan foundry in northern England. Made bespoke to our original designs in solid brass and pewter, each features our three-dot mark debossed on the underside.
Brass buckles are sand cast. This ancient method involves molten brass being poured into a compressed sand mould. Once solidified the sand is broken away to reveal the buckle.

We employ the centrifugal method to create our pewter buckles. Molten pewter is poured into the centre of a two-piece circular rubber mould which is spun at high speed. Centrifugal force pushes the pewter into the mould.

Both processes produce rough surfaces which undergo numerous hand-finishing processes to achieve the desired end result.
In common with our leather belt straps, solid brass and pewter buckles improve with age, becoming polished to a high shine with regular use.