All Awling leathers are premium quality vegetable tanned cowhide. They are prepared specifically for us by Lo Stivale, one of the most highly regarded Tuscan tanners. 

We use the original leather surface, or top grain, and hand select our hides to ensure consistent quality.

Originating from European sources the hides are pit-tanned using tree bark tannins. This traditional process can take many weeks, depending on the desired finish. The raw hides are suspended in pits containing varying concentrations of tannin solution. The slow absorption of tannins changes the chemical structure of the hide, eventually creating our uniquely robust yet supple leather.

After tanning, the hides are finished with wax and oils. This enhances touch and appearance, helping keep the leather supple and in prime condition.

Every hide has naturally occurring variations in texture and colour. These characteristics contribute to the unique appearance of every leather item and should be celebrated and preserved. Learn more about leather and belt care in the Care section of the website.