Tan For Jan? Our Original Belt In Tan Leather

Tan For Jan? Our Original Belt In Tan Leather


Tan leather is a thoroughly overlooked option for a belt, and we want to change that. Of course, belts crafted from black and brown leathers are more popular – they work with more formal clothing and darker trousers – but there’s something inherently charming abowut tan leather when worn in a casual way. Case in point: with your favourite denim jeans and a vintage sweatshirt.

Across the spectrum of formal tones of leather, tan sits somewhere in the middle. Most of the time it’s not appropriate for business, this is because the contrast is too harsh with formal fabrics in corporate tones. But, as we all know, the world is getting a lot more casual, and now men are being more daring and wearing denim of varying shades more each day, and also more muted tones of trousers, such as browns, greens, beiges, creams and white. This is where tan comes in. It’s an informed choice that subtly brings together an outfit composed of lighter tones without making you stand out.



We only have one belt in the range which is made using a vegetable tanned tan leather, which is our Original belt that’s accented with a striking polished pewter buckle. We sourced the leather from Lo Stivale, which is a historic tannery in Tuscany that’s the gold standard for premium leather, and the buckles have been forged expressly for us in one of England’s oldest forgeries. It’s then been pieced together slowly but surely by hand in our workshop using old-school techniques that simply can’t be improved.



If you’re wanting to switch up your wardrobe this year, and perhaps be a little bit more daring or just simply dressed more casually (and therefore comfortably), this belt is that key accessory to bring it together and give it a touch of character.

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