It is testament to the quality of our materials that Awling belts don’t require frequent care. Natural oils in our skin transfer to buckle and strap, dust is removed and the belt polished whilst fastening the buckle and sliding the strap through belt loops.

If unworn for some time the buckle may tarnish and the strap become dull. Occasionally a light-coloured bloom may appear on the grain, this is wax that has penetrated the hide returning to the surface. For a quick fix simply rub with a soft cloth, this will remove both and improve the appearance.

The lifespan and long-term appearance of your belt will be improved by occasional care treatment.

For the leather strap we recommend a natural, non-coloured leather product. Use the treatment very sparingly, particularly if using for the first time. Test a tiny spot near the buckle if in doubt, this will be covered by the tip end when worn. Using a soft cloth over index and middle finger add treatment to finger-ends and use a light, quick motion to distribute along the strap. Leaving the treatment for some minutes often helps it penetrate the leather. Polish using a similar light, fast action. 

For the buckle, our advice would be to avoid metal polishes, they contain harsh chemicals and can remove the natural character of the metal. We advocate a simple rub with a soft cloth, add a spot of lemon juice if a higher shine is required.

Please contact us if you require advice on products or care methods specific to your belt. With a little care your Awling belt will improve with age and last a lifetime.